The Difference Between a Template and a Custom-Made Website

So you’ve gotten to the point in your business where you need a website and you need one fast. Your business is growing the way you like it just around town, and you’re ready to take the leap into the wider world of online sales and customers.

But which do you choose: pre-created website template, or hiring someone to create a custom-made website for you? Of course, it may depend on your budget, your knowledge of what’s available to the intrepid e-tailer, your level of patience, and perhaps your desire to get things just right, according to the way you want them.

Templates vs Custom-Made Websites

There are certain advantages to using site templates, especially if you do need a site fast and your budget still isn’t the largest. Templates have a pre-designed layout that may or may not work for your specific needs, and you may or may not have the patience to sift through available templates and work out which one you think will work best, etc. Depending on where the template is located (e.g., WordPress templates, hosting-site “drag-n-drop” builders with themes), you might be able to tweak the code the way you want it, even if you don’t consider yourself all that skilled with site code in general, let alone the intricacies of CSS (cascading style sheets).

Templates are fantastic if you need and want a site right now and either don’t have coding skills, or clash royale hack 2017 you don’t have the budget yet to hire a website designer.

Analyse your benefits

However, templates aren’t always going to meet your needs, especially as your business grows. There’s a very good chance that your business will outgrow the simplicity of having a template-based website, even if you do have a site with SSL protection. If this is you, or where you want to be, you’ll want the power of a custom-made website working for you. Not only does a custom-coded site with a professional layout make your business stand out as truly unique, but you’ll be able to spell out precisely what you want with a designer. Templates are pre-coded by someone you don’t really know, and even if you find a really nice template you like, you’ll likely not be able to tweak the template or contact the template creator for a custom job.

While it’s easy to just jump online, purchase a domain with a template layout, and it’s a temporary solution, it will pay huge dividends to invest time and money with an up-close-and-personal with a professional web designer whose business it is to deliver custom work and help your business shine.