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IP stands for “Internet Protocol”. An IP address looks up to a database of numbers to locate a host device whenever someone visits your domain URL on a browser. IP addresses are made up of four numbers usually separated with periods (.) between each number. For example, 123.456.789.111 – there are over 4 billion IP address possibilities and all fall within the range of 0-255.


A shared IP is an IP address that is used for hundreds of different websites (hosts).


A dedicated IP is a unique IP for a single hosting account. With a dedicated IP address, you get a unique identity for your business. It provides an improved and much faster when compared to the shared services.

Why Your Website Needs a Dedicated IP Address

SEO Benefit

According to SEO experts, search engines give more preference to a dedicated IPs. If you really want your business to drive massive traffic, then you need a dedicated IP for your server. Google bots and other search engine bots find it easier to index dedicated IP addresses than shared IPs. So, in order to get a higher ranking, drive traffic, and explode your advertising in a secure manner, then you need to go through a dedicated IP.


Without having a dedicated IP address, you may not be accredited with some whitelisting programs, such as Goodmail. Accreditation and deliverability will help to establish your web presence and this often increases your reputation as well.

Less Downtime

No matter how short it is, downtime is commonly experienced by shared IP users. Frequent downtime may lead to losing potential customers and visitors. With a dedicated IP address, there’s nothing to worry about.


Speeds up the Website

In case you don’t know, a slow website can cost your business a fortune in the long run. A shared IP address is used by you and hundreds or thousands of internet users. As a result, your website can slow down significantly. A slow website could frustrate your users and you could lose sales as a result. According to an analysis carried out by Google, a 1 second delay in page load time can lead to 11% fewer page views, 16% decrease in customer satisfaction, and 7% loss in conversions. Potential clients will not think twice before they visit your competitor’s website.

Who Needs a Dedicated IP?

If you are running an e-commerce website, a dedicated IP is necessary. To accept critical information such as credit cards, you need a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certification, which requires a dedicated IP. With GDPR now mandatory for businesses in Europe, your client’s information needs to be secured – https://. Also, a dedicated IP is mandatory if you plan to host files on your website for anonymous

FTP download.

With the advantages of a dedicated IP address, your business can be exposed to wider opportunities. If you are looking for a reputable dedicated IP address service provider in the UK? I’d suggest you visit Bright Minds Media.

Dedicated IP

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