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Google AdWords is one of the most effective marketing and advertising platforms on the planet. Through AdWords, many businesses have been able to reach and get the attention of millions of target audience within a few seconds from every part of the world. In this article, we explain Google AdWords and why every business owner should invest in it.

What is Google AdWords?

Google AdWords is an advertising platform owned by Google that allows you to promote your business and its website on the Google search engine – the world’s most favorite search engine.

How it Works

Google displays your ad on publisher websites. When displaying ads, you can track, monitor, check the success rate, and make changes to your ad campaigns through Google Analytics. While checking for these data, you will find the following parameters in the report.

Impressions: This records the number of times your ad has been displayed regardless of the number of clicks.
Clicks: As the name implies, you’ll be able to view the number of visitors or customers that are clicking your ads.
CTR (Click Through Rate): CTR is a measure (in %) of the number of times your ad is clicked by customers. It is calculated using the number of clicks and impression over a period of time

Google AdWords helped many business websites to rank to the top of search results. No wonder there is an increase in the number of users that are investing in this online marketing tool. If you want your business to appear online, AdWords guarantee limitless opportunities for you to attract the right market for your business.


Businesses who invest on Google AdWords enjoy enormous benefits, these are a few:

East And Fast To Set Up

Google AdWords requires only a few minutes to set up. Once you register, you can set up your ad campaign immediately and start tracking your progress with ease.

Relatively Inexpensive

For many start-ups, spending on paid methods of advertising can be really difficult. With AdWords, a start-up company can cut down on advertising expenses while also getting a successful result for their money.

Targeting Audience

Google AdWords has the ability to target specific audiences. For instance, if you sell dog feed and your business is located in Manchester, you can set your ad campaign towards a specific group of people – in this case, Manchester. You also have the option to extend your reach to other geographic areas.

Perfect for Start-ups

For start-up companies with a little budget on advertising, AdWords is the best way to grow your online presence.

Track Conversion

This is probably the most important aspect of Google AdWords. With this online marketing tool, business owners can track conversions on the number of visitors, clicks, and impression. With this kind of data at your disposal, you can optimize your ad campaign to suit your specific need.

With Google AdWords, your website can appear first on the search results. So if you want to achieve success on your website, you should invest in

Google AdWords.

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